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July 2017

Moving forward

Pack up your expectation

Scrap what you know

Forget what you don’t

Say a prayer
Tie up your laces

Tie up your hair

And loose ends

Leave nothing unsaid

And undone
Make a list of what you need


Write it down

So that you do not forget
Zip up your bags

And your doubt

And take another breath

breathe it out
Take a step

Make a start

Without choosing a direction
This is all that you need to know:


Is where you need to go.


Teach your daughters

to refuse without reason

to decline without explenation

to love without apology 

and to live without limits


I find it easier to think when everyone is asleep 

It seems that there is more thoughts in the air not being thought

And so I can think them all

Or maybe my mind feels lighter when I can hear myself think, when the air is clear, free of opinions and expectations. 


how do you convince


that they are more than beautiful

when they cannot see


as you do


the silence between us

broke me

and healed you

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