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May 2018

Sometimes you meet someone
and you get to know
quite a lot about them
as the stars dance
and the sun
travels to your side of the world:

You get to know what they love
who they love
how they love
and why they love.

You get to know
the way their eyes smile
without their mouth moving
and how they enjoy
keeping their eyes fixed on yours
as they do so.

You get to know
how they don’t care much for words
and enjoy the silences

And you get to know
that such as most things in life
you only get to know them
for the shortest while
before all this is
only in memory.

And it is beautiful really
the way some people
were made to be there
only temporarily.


A month ago

the trees were green

and the ground was dry,

It was beautiful-

the dry dirt,

the green trees and

the blue sky.

Yet today is Autumn

and the rain came

with the ground’s call

And today the grass is green

but the leaves are brown

as they fall

and it seems


that not even nature

can ever have it all.

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